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Sessions & Sample packs

Sample Packs BUNDLE:

All 354 unique samples are available as a 4 pack bundle for "Pay As You Feel".

Hand Perc:43x unique hand percussion hits, scrapes, grooves and one-shots.

Claps & Clicks:43x unique hand clap and click samples | 38x soul-clap stacks.

Bells & Shells:54x ambient sound effects, dry and with effects.

Congas & Bongos:100x conga fills & grooves | 10x bongo fills | 50x timbale hits & fills | 3x conga improvisations.

Contact Ali to receive the full bundle Zip file and PayPal details..

Bespoke sessions:

Ali's unique sample packs are for your enjoyment and to use in your songs, recordings and productions.

If, however your track is at a different tempo, or you need something more specific adding to your music, you can contact Ali to organise a bespoke remote recording session.

Recent clients include:

John Waugh (The 1975) | Luz | Marlow Gospel Choir | Nick Hobs (The Human League) | Thabo.

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